a Saas Application

Yep.. we have got our feet wet! our first toe-dip into Saas application development and deployment can be seen at

What is all about?

It's a simple meeting room managment application developed using 'Web 2.0' technology to maximise user experience and speed of execution. It take only a few minutes to get set-up. Throw away the meeting room booking diary and let your staff check meeting room availability in real-time and book time-slots from their desk. Reporting options available so you can track utilisation and department costs. No downloads, no installation, no maintenance; just use a standard browser to access the service.

there's a 30-day free trial so you can check it out in advance. Our customers seem to like it.. we hope you do to.

UPDATE has been short-listed in the Best New Web Application category. We are shocked and stunned...!

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Jeremiah Ryan said...

Shocked!...BOOKMEETINGROOM.COM has made it through to the short list of the best new web application category of the Irish Web Awards 08.

It was great to be included in the original long list nominations and We are all delighted and stunned.

the short list for this category includes: -

» LouderVoice
» BookMeetingRoom
» Poll Daddy
» Twitterfone
» Decisions For Heroes