Free remotely Hosted Anti-Spam Service

Free remotely Hosted Anti-Spam Service

Everybody is looking for ways to reduce IT costs in the current climate and one common cost these days is remotely hosted anti-spam and anti-virus services. Due to the huge increase in SPAM and email borne viruses, email servers (whether dedicated SMTP or shared POP3) are under severe strain to cope. Deploying and maintaining onsite filtering is expensive, resulting in many IT departments outsourcing and employing the services of specialist externally hosted ANTI-Spam services to first clean incoming mail before it hits their servers (or POP3 accounts).

Overall these externally hosted anti-spam services while excellent are expensive, with charges of €8 per seat (email account) per month for bigger companies up to €14 per month for companies with lower seat counts. Remember also that you still have to log in to your remotley hosted service facilities to check on your SPAM folders to ensure no legitimate mail has been stopped or to release mail that has.

Q: So how can you get first class externally hosted anti-spam and anti-virus services for Free?

A: Google Apps Gmail

Google Apps GMail service is a remotely hosted email server with very efficient Anti-Spam filtering built in. If you set-up a Free Google Apps account and set-up appropriate MX records to send your mail your Gmail Google apps server, when you download your email (using your desktop email client) 98% of your spam is gone!.

If you elect to clear off email from the server as you download it then you will never have to worry about storage space (gmail provides for 7GB storage per email account!) or having to upgrade to a paid account.

You can of course elect to retain your email on the Google Apps Gmail servers (for backup reasons) you will eventually have to convert your Google Apps account to a paid service, however this will only cost $30 per annum per seat! At this point you might even consider ditching your old deskbound email client and use your Google Apps gmail account from your browser, further reducing IT overhead of maintaining local email servers and client software and systems.... a potential huge saving.!

If you want more information on this or need assistance to implement a Google Apps solution for your business please call us for a chat. Note: Active Online offers full Google Apps Gmail integration with all our Website hosting accounts is required.

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