Your Website and Business Process integration

More than just a "Website"

Website development requirements from our customers has progressed far beyond the requirements of simple online marketing for most businesses.  A large part of our development remit now extends to the design, development and integration of  business and administration process applications into a clients website (under the hood). Typical applications include, automated event booking and online ticketing; online trade catalogues and shopping carts, membership management applications and accounting system integration. Typically targeting the automation of front and back-office processes giving the business big gains in efficiency, access to information and  routes to development of fully integrated client self-management systems

Easy wins include:

  • Online booking of courses, event, tickets with full stock control, quantity remaining with payments using eCommerce allowing direct revenue generation.
  • Event/Conference Management; - automation of multiparty registration, paper submission, ticket issuing and front desk validation and support
  • Product/Stock Updating: connecting to back-office stock control systems to auto-update website systems bypassing the need for manual intervention or updating of website product databases
  • Transaction/Accounts Integration: connecting to back office account systems to automate the accounting administration of online ordering and invoice production.
  • Document selection and distribution: where relevant documents are chosen and distributed to client based on their preferences/profiles/categories.
  • Extranet Integration: re-Developing the classical Intranet within the business website to provide better access to information to clients and staff while maintaining strong

How can you leverage back-office efficency in this way?

Whether you feel you need a new website or not, you would invite us to meet with you so that you can share with us where your administrative overheads are. We then can make obvious business cases where quick wins can be made and provide you with a path to future business process integration to align with your budget and business development needs.

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