Imagine the Potential of your Website:

We all imagine the potential of what our website can deliver to our business, however translating that into a reality requires considerable effort. Assuming you have just had an "all-bells-and-whistles" redesign completed and your new website is still stuck in the doldrums of a Googles natural search index for generic searches relating to your business, products and/or services . What can you do?

Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization) or SEO in combination with good Search Engine Promotion (SEP) activity is the key to achieving your goals. But like all things worth achieving hard work and time are involved. There is no magic bullet, however there is professional help, which can shorten the time and improve your effiency.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is often misquoted as the process of website optimisation and promotion that ensures good ranking in Search Engines. SEO is actually the technical adjustments that are made to a website to enhance it's relevancy for better performance for key search terms. SEO involves good CSS & XHTML/HTML design as well as other influencing factors such as URL names, Page Titles, MEta TAgs, Alt tagginfg and relevancy auditing on content and anchor links. Having a well optimised website does not in itself guarantee page 1 rankings.

What is Search Engine Promotion?

Search Engine Promotion (SEP) is any activity which promotes your website and it's service on the Internet. It may includes such things as Search Engine Advertising, Link building, Directory Submission, article writing and posting, direct submission to search engines etc.

SEO & SEP Activities undertaken by a professional on your behalf might include:-
Website Analysis & research, Semantic analysis, Keyword analysis, Website analysis, Competitive analysis, PAge adjustment, Creation of robots.txt files, Sitemap creation & optimization, Navigation and file structure analysis, Html validation & checking, Browser compatibility checking, Page size checking, Website load time checking, Extensive log file analysis, Duplicate content checking, Broken link checking, Spider simulation, Page optimization, Content fixing, SEO copywriting, Image optimization, Manual Search Engine submission, Manual Directory submission, Link popularity reporting, Link Building, Ranking reports, Link popularity reports, website activity reports

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