web design strategy

Before even considering look and feel, graphic design, styling, web 2.o design features and other niceties, it is important that some basic marketing led thinking takes place to set-out your primary marketing goals.

Simply put, define your target audience and if possible break these down into primary groups or segments. The closer your website design focuses on it's primary target audience the more effective it will be in generating higher quality inquires and more profitable business. By separating out individual groups, specific marketing panels can be created on the home page design to attract /guide visitors into appropriate areas where the language used and the information provided is tailored specifically to the niche segment.

When you have them there, maximise the impact of this landing page by providing access to as much relevant information at that point as possible. This page should have a re-reinforcing image either relevant to the market segment or the actual service. A short precisely written introductory paragraph outlining key value prospects. In the margins, reference to relevant case studies, supporting down-loadable information, contact details of the sales person and even a short inquiry form such that as many opportunities are provided at that point for the prospect to make contact or at least move to your next planned marketing step. (e.g. clicking to more information, reading a case study, requesting a call-back or downloading a document.

Each niche segment should be treated differently (appropriately) and customised to provide the key information need by that group.

Build up specific landing pages as required, remembering to leave the home (index) page design and layout to the very last. During the build phase things change new priorities are realised and will need to be reflected back just before launch.

If you want to discuss or learm more please don't hesitate to call in for an informal chat about your project.

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