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Building a shopping Website

Having your own online shop or e-commerce enabled website allows you to improve the efficiency of your retail business and create an online sales channel by enabling site visitors to buy products and/or services using their credit or debit cards on a 24×7x365 basis.
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By implementing an integrated solution, shopping cart systems connected to your website can also significantly decrease administration and fulfilment support costs as well as building in accounting efficiencies within your back office.

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Active Online can help you:

  • to generate new online sales and expand the reach and market of your business
  • to set-up an easy to use shopping cart system that allows your visitors to purchase products and/or services online with the minimum of effort.
  • to provide secure e-commerce checkout (a secure checkout area) using encryption and SSL certification such that your visitors will feel confident to purchase from your website.
  • We can advise and recommend the most reliable and cost effective Payment Gateway providers and work with them on your behalf to ensure a seamless PCI Compliant e-commerce integration.
  • to build an online administration area that allows your staff to quickly and easily update product information, prices, delivery options and access your ordering transaction information without the requirement for technical computing skills
  • to promote your online business effectively by ensuring good search engine ranking performance in the top search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN)
  • to assist you to build an online database of visitors to whom you can issue regular newsletters and special offers to stimulate sales.

Why choose Active Online?

  • We have over 10 years experience in Internet business development.
  • We have built over 40 successful online shops and e-commerce enabled websites
  • We understand and focus on the needs of start-ups and established retail businesses
  • We provide you with all licensing, design files and source code of your shopping website.
  • We optimise your website for good ranking performance in search engines for key-phrases relating to your industry/products/services.
  • We don't limit the number of products (SKU's) or product categories a customers can put into their online shopping website.
  • We have experience of many different markets, product types, styles, currencies and delivery mechanisms.
  • We can engineer for user selectable multilingual, multi currency online shops
  • We can provide a seamless shopping experience for the user with an efficient checkout process that reduces barriers to making that sale.
  • We can custom design any look-and-feel, any custom functional requirement.
  • We can connect your online shop with any existing back-office systems you have in place (e.g. accounting packages, stock control systems, order management systems or other online third party service provider you currently use)
  • We ensure that you can maintain your online shop and website yourself.
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