Operation Transformation Series 6

Due to popular demand  MYOT.IE is back online.

What is MYOT.IE?

MYOT.IE is a mini weight tracking web application designed for fans of RTE's popular Operation Transformation TV program.. This little web app was designed specifically for users in a mobile context. i.e. while it can be access using a desktop PC it was optimised and designed to be used by users who have smartphones.

(The first episode aired on Tuesday last, RTE1 @ 8:00pm ... and will run weekly until the end of February. For more information on Operation Transformation got to the RTE website at www.rte.ie/ot

To read more on mobile web design or mobile web apps visit us at www.activeonline.ie


UPDATE  - April 2013

MYOT.IE has been reconfigured to allow it to be used beyond the TV program end. Users can now re-register and start a new 40 day program using all the exercise programms and recipies broadcast for OPTRAN earlier this year

What are you waiting for?....
get your mobile out and goto WWW.MYOT.IE and get your new fitness programme underway


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