Managing Professional Societies / Associations

Websites & Integrated Admin software for Associations

Having completed our fifth successful online project for a professional association /society,  we now have a mature understanding of the need of associations whether they be early stage or well established and can offer an integrated online package custom tailored to individual association processes that deliver huge back-office administration efficiency.

Here is what we can deliver:-

  • Professionally finished public website (unlimited sections & pages)
  • Online registered member directories (Find-a-Therapist/Specialist)
  • Full online members database (facilitating member management & record keeping)
  • Event Management (online booking forms, waiting lists, e-payments, ticketing, scanning)
  • Renewal Fee processing online (Annual, Monthly or Other)
  • CPD Management (CORU aligned)
  • Members Areas (Profile editing, Renewal payments, invoices, and more)
  • Online Application Processing (processing fee collection to full online application)
  • Custom configuration of all above to suit individual needs
  • Build new functionality as required.

Recent clients include:

IACP    - Irish Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists
PSI       - Psychological Society of Ireland
IACST  - Irish Association of Cranio Sacral Therapists

Calling all Professional Association/Society  Managers

If you are responsible for the efficient running of your society or association and are using EXCEL spreadsheets or legacy PC bound database systems to manage your membership , or if you are still processing renewals manually by cheque. please give us a call.  We can really help remove the major admin overheads, reduce significantly operating costs and free up resources that could be used to drive membership.

Please call Active Online on 01 8666116 and ask to speak to Jeremiah. After a quick about your Association and issues to be addresses I will respond with a detailed proposal tailored to your needs.

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