Anti-spam filtering for your email account(Hosted)

We get lots of enquiries regarding anti-spam filtering on email accounts. In general for business users whose organisation has their own mail server, there are many very effective service providers that will take on ANTI-SPAM filtering on your behalf and are very effective. They won't however deal with users with one or two POP3 email account on a shared server. However Google has recently purchased 'Postini' and these guys offer an excellent externally hosted service to pop3 users.

Failing that, there is an 'on-the-cheap'(freebee) method that can be explored by users on a budget and with lower technical requirements; -

Cost: FREE
Maintenance: Low
Effectiveness: Filtering excellent

Step1. Set-up a free GMAIL account

Step2. Setup the default outgoing email address on your GMAIL account to your business email address and complete the verification process. (GMAIL: settings, accounts)

Step3. Delete your normal POP3 account in your local mail application (MSOutlook, thunderbird, Eudora) {to stop downloading mail directly from your POP3 account}

Step4. configure your GMAIL account to download your email from your POP3 account instead. (GMAIL: settings, accounts)

Step5. Now Enable POP email functionality on your GMAIL account (GMAIL: Forwarding & POP)

Step6. Create a new POP3 account on your local mail application to download your anti-spam filtered email from your new GMAIL account.

Gmail checks for new messages (in your POP3 account) at different frequencies for individual accounts, depending on previous mail fetch attempts. You can't customize the default frequency of mail fetches, so some delays may be experienced in receiving new email.


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